Working for some of the best advertising agencies in the world, Mike has built iconic brands, Coca Cola, ESPN, Popeyes, Verizon, Citibank, Mentos and Staples with successful, award winning work.
Strategy is always his starting point, taking a big vision approach to brand and understanding how all the assets fit into the integrated picture, while enjoying the details of crafting a great execution.
Mike's range of storytelling includes creating a sitcom for Turner Entertainment, creating an original comedy food show, writing and directing a national campaign for the Weather Channel that received 25 million impressions in a week. For Mentos, he created a global social media video activation that changed how Mentos marketed themselves. Mike even creative directed a Verizon commercial with Michael Bay blowing stuff up. 
Before advertising, Mike worked in Boston area hospitals including a locked psychiatric unit where he was the head mental health counselor responsible for 100 severely ill patients, an emergency room and a neonatal intensive care unit doing front line research with pre-mature infants.
Mike managed one of the great downtown bands, Ahab Seamus, producing more than 50 videos. As an artist Mike's shown his paintings at Sotheby's NYC and across the country. All of these aspects contribute to Mike's diverse background giving him a unique set of tools for delivering breakthrough content.

Behind The Scenes With Mike

Mike began directing with a simple, but award winning campaign for a New York City chain of pet stores called International Kennel Club. It was international if you consider Jersey international. The campaign won a Clio, DA&D and an ADDY.
Mike wrote and directed a comedy series for Turner Entertainment and has directed campaigns for Teva Sports Sandals, Mentos, The Weather Channel and the legendary Boston restaurant chain, Finagle-A-Bagel.
Enjoy some behind the scenes footage from the Weather Channel shoot.
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