I love ideas. I've had the great opportunity to implement my ideas for some of the best advertising agencies in the world, helping build iconic brands such as Coca Cola, ESPN, Verizon, Citibank, Mentos, The Weather Channel and Staples. 
A few highlights: a Verizon commercial with Michael Bay in it blowing stuff up, wrote & directed a sitcom for Turner Entertainment based on my life as the head mental health counselor in a locked psychiatric unit, created a national campaign for the Weather Channel that received 25 million impressions in a week, created a new beverage for Coca Cola and for Mentos, I wrote a global social media activation that re-defined their marketing. 
There was life before advertising. I was the head mental health counselor in a locked psychiatric unit right out of college where I was responsible for hundreds of patients including some who committed murder and rape. I've been stabbed and strangled yet it remains one of the most fulfilling jobs I've ever had. I also worked in a neonatal intensive care unit doing front line research with pre-mature infants. I managed one of the great New York bands, Ahab Seamus  As an artist, I've shown my paintings at Sotheby's NYC and galleries across the country. 
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