The Weather Channel needed to re-invigorate their core audience as there was a huge drop in app usage and overall interest. There was a 90 day period with zero downloads of the app with their current SEM and Facebook marketing. The insight was, the weather channel app is a sophisticated app for people who live and breathe weather and who enjoy tracking weather patterns. The ask was to create a more impactful brand awareness campaign on social that would be visually exciting and strategically designed to build out a sustainable loyal audience.
The campaign theme “Extreme Weather Seekers”  was designed for weather nerds who enjoy extreme weather for their own personal pleasure.Each video focused on an individual features of the Weather Channel app such as “Heat Index” and “Thunder Storm Tracking” and brought those features to life in stunning visual representations. The videos featured sponge wearing mud seekers, traditionally clad Scottish golfers playing golf cart polo in the rain and men searing meat on overheated car hoods. The videos were designed to have visual impact from the very first second in order to rise above the clutter on YouTube.
The campaign received 5 million organic fully viewed YouTube views in under a week and received an additional 20 million views on the U.S. Golf Open.. There was a 1.7 million conversion rate of new subscribers from the Youtube views and the broadcast media buy. App usage increased by 35% on iOS and Android as tracked in the app stores. In addition, the content generated incredible conversation among the weather culture and the Weather Channel was central to that conversation.
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